Content Number of questions Duration objective Qualification
9 parts 56 questions 1 hour 10 minutes The student shows that they can understand simple written information such as posters, brochures, newspapers, and magazines. 50% of the total test

—You are given 5 questions that you must match.

—You are presented with 8 notices or other very short texts and five sentences. You must match each sentence with the correct sign or notice.

—You have to face 5 multiple choice questions.

—You must read 5 sentences that deal with the same subject or that are related to a story. In each sentence a word is missing and you have to choose the most suitable word to complete it.

—It consists of 10 multiple choice questions.

—The first five questions are phrases that are part of a conversation. For each sentence, you have to choose between 3 options, what the other person says next. The second segment is a longer conversation with some sentences missing. You have a list of 8 sentences and you must find out which one is appropriate for each blank you have to fill in.

—You must face 7 questions of Correct / Incorrect / Not mentioned or multiple choice.

—It consists of one long text or three short texts. You have to read the texts and seven sentences that they present to you. Then you have to decide if the sentences are correct, incorrect or not mentioned, or select the correct answer.

—You work with 8 questions with blanks with multiple choice.

—This is a short text with eight numbered blanks. Each blank represents the missing word and the students have to choose the appropriate answer from the options they give you.