Content Number of questions Duration Objective Qualification
9 parts 56 questions 1 hour 10 minutes The student shows that they can understand simple written information such as posters, brochures, newspapers, and magazines. 50% of the total test

—You have 5 questions where you must complete with words.

—It consists of 5 phrases similar to the definitions found in dictionaries. We give you the first letter of the word and the number of letters; with that information you have to complete the word.

—10 questions with blanks with open answers.

—It consists of a short text, for example, a note, email or letter. Where 10 words are missing in the text and you have to figure out the right word for each blank.

—It is about 5 questions where you must transfer information.

—It consists of 2 short texts that you must read and then you have to use that information contained in the texts to correctly complete a note, form, diary or other document.

—1 guided writing of 25–35 words.

—You have to write a short message, for example, a note, email or postcard. The instructions tell you who to write to and what to say.

All questions are worth 1 point except part 9 which comprises a total of 5 points.